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American author, critical of Obama, detained in Kenya and deported

The immigration service arrested in Kenya on Tuesday the American writer Jerome Corsi, who launched the country’s best-seller with strong criticism of Democratic candidate Barack Obama. Before a press conference for the launch of the book, Corsi was detained and taken back to the airport for deportation, witnesses reported. In the book “The Obama Nation”, the author questions the use of drugs by the applicant and insinuated that he is Muslim, not Christian.

Elias Njeru, a spokesman for the Immigration Department of Kenya, said the immigration papers of the author “were not in order.”

– I do not know if he came here to work, but the documents show him that he was visiting. If you came to work, need other documents – argued. – When he arrived, said it was a visitor on holiday. If you start to work, that would be the problem.

According to the author’s agent in Kenya, Peter Mbae, Corsi was with the passport and visa in order.

– But the government did not want him launch the book on Kenyan soil. So was deported – said.

Many Kenyans follow the elections closely and rooting for Obama, whose father was Kenyan. Pictures are after the Democratic bus, and reports on the elections get called first page almost every day.

However, the crowd for Obama is not universal in the country, especially within the divided Kenyan government. Several officials, including some linked to President Mwai Kibaki, said that Obama is American, not Kenyan, and asking what is the big question on your application.

Obama’s father, who died more than 20 years, was a member of the Luo ethnic group, as the Prime Minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga. Kibaki is a member of another ethnic group, the quicuio. Odinga nearly defeated Kibaki in elections last December, a suspected election fraud in favor of the current president. A wave of violence between quicuios and luos, among other groups, left over a thousand dead in the country, after a peace agreement between the politicians.


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