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Iran responds to hardening of Obama on nuclear program

The House this Saturday criticized the Iranian president-elect of the United States, Barack Obama, by saying, on the eve that the development of nuclear weapons in Iran is “unacceptable” in its government. The spokesman of the Parliament, Ali Larijani, called for Obama to promote a real change in U.S. policy for the country. In his first press conference after the victory over Republican John McCain, Obama said on Friday that there must be an international effort to prevent Iran developing nuclear weapons.

– Obama has to know that the change of which he speaks is a fundamental change and not a change of color and tactics. Repeat the objections to the Iranian nuclear program is a step in the wrong direction – said Larijani. – You (Obama) should know that you (U.S.) can not stop the Iran

Obama was criticized by his opponents during the campaign after saying he was open to talks with U.S. rivals, including the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Although the two countries have cut off diplomatic relations in 1979 after the Iranian Islamic Revolution, Ahmadinejad greeted by Obama victory on Thursday, expressed hope that changes occur in internal and external policies of Washington.


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