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Obama is the new hero of the adventure video game

The Internet can now help the U.S. president, Barack Obama, to save the world, thanks to a Peruvian company that changed the mandatory North American hero in a saga of videogames. “Obama has been kidnapped and only you can save it,” could be the synopsis of the game created by Games Inka (http://www.inkagames.com/), the first part of what is to be a series that turns the ruler in a cunning hero of adventures.

Mújica, a systems engineer since 2006 that creates games based on the current Peruvian and the world, built a fictitious situation: the kidnapping of Obama by an evil terrorist organization led by “BadHead”.

The game follows the adventures of mechanics who had their golden era of the 90s, which controls the mouse with a character you should use objects in the scene to solve puzzles. This time, however, the protagonist is the U.S. president, which boils very good humor and irony in his comments. Obama is the second Mújica, “not a superhero, but one of flesh and blood that resolves the problems.”

The relationship of Mújica with the video back to your childhood. But it was during the 2006 Peruvian presidential elections that, after leaving the job in a bank in Lima, he created his first project: a game in which even scoffed the nationalist candidate Ollanta Humala.

The Peruvian engineer for 34 years continued creating games, until in 2008 they converted into their main professional activity. The Inka Games, which has five employees, has since produced evidence on the extradition of former President Alberto Fuijmori (1990-2000) until the “Save Gaza” on the recent Israeli operation in the Palestinian territory.

According to him, another success are the forums where people discuss the issues related to games. Mújica recognizes that makes you like, because “if you can do a job because it pays you well, you pretty much start a business itself, especially when a company is where you earn money doing what they like.”

Thus, a new game promises Mújica of Obama every two weeks and, if possible, new projects to improve, albeit virtually, small and large problems of the world.


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