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Michelle Obama, a new style of U.S. first lady

As U.S. first lady, Michelle Obama takes the experience of a lawyer of companies to the White House, but says its priority will be the role of “mother-in-chief” for the couple’s two daughters. The Democrat Barack Obama beat Republican John McCain in the presidential election on Tuesday and will be the first black to command the American presidency. Michelle will be the first black first lady.

At 44 years, she served as an earnest cable election of her husband. Michelle says, however, not want a political office in government.

– My main mission, in all honesty, will continue to be the ‘mother-in-chief’ – said in a recent interview, referring to his daughters Malia, age 10, and Sasha, 7 years.

Michelle also said he hopes to address ways for women to maintain balance work and family-care needs of families of soldiers. She also claimed that it could act as informal adviser to her husband, as was doing during the campaign.

Of children in the neighborhood working on Harvard fellowships and Princenton
The future first lady, who grew up in a neighborhood south of Chicago workers and that went to public school, usually talk about the her father – who worked in the public system of water in the city – and the values upheld by their parents.

After receiving scholarships to attend universities in art (Princeton and Harvard), Michelle worked at a law firm and the office of the mayor of Chicago. His most recent job was vice president of the University of Chicago Hospitals, a position in which received a salary higher than the husband.

Even that Obama is a family of means, in part because of the money won by Obama with his two books, Michelle always refers to the values she learned during her childhood and adolescence.

– When we grow up in a house in which we love and security and in which people make sacrifices for us, we have the obligation to return it – she said. – That is why community service has played so large a part of my life.

In his speech of victory, delivered the night of Tuesday in Chicago, Obama described his wife as “my best friend over the past 16 years, the rock of the family, the love of my life.” The president-elect says his wife has been a source of energy and kind of criticism that keep the feet on the ground.

The demonstrations of affection of the couple and the style of clothes used by Michelle – she has appeared in magazines such as Vogue and Essence – contribute to the image of the young candidate. Obama’s wife has a great popularity among Democrats, who appreciate the strength and intelligence designed by the future first lady. In February, however, Michelle caused controversy with a comment made during the campaign.

– For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country – said to an audience in Wisconsin. – And not just because Obama is doing well, but because I think people are eager to see changes.

The Conservatives described it then as unpatriotic, and those criticisms have left some angry black Americans, for whom patriotic issue would be used to alleviate the fight against racial inequality. Since then, Michelle spent much of his time supporting the families of American soldiers who fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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About the Democrat Barack Obama

Who – Protestant and Islamic descendant of Democrat Barack Obama is the first black to compete for the presidency of the United States. Its name means “blessed” in Swahili an official language of Kenya. The current Democratic senator was born on the island of Hawaii in Honolulu, where his father, a Kenyan economist Barack Obama and his mother Ann duhama Kansas, studied at the University at Manoa. After the divorce of parents, Obama spent four years with the mother and husband in Jakarta, Indonesia. In ten years, he returned to Hawaii to live with their maternal grandparents.

Problem teens – The candidate said in the book “Dreams from My Father,” that consumption of alcohol and drugs such as marijuana and cocaine during the school. During the campaign, spoke with students and admitted that he lost a lot of time in his teenage years in drug consumption. These attitudes did not change when Obama was in the last years of college. He graduated in Law at Harvard University in 1991. In 1992, he married Michelle Robinson and had two daughters, Malia and Natasha, in 1999, 2001.

Political Career – Apart from experience in constitutional law, Obama is engaged in political life. In 1996 he was elected to the Senate from Illinois, which operates in the United States and the state legislature and reelected in 2000. In 2004 he was elected U.S. Senator by the State of Illinois.

Proposals Campaign – Obama proposes the withdrawal of U.S. troops of Iraq. But advocates for the financial support of Iraqi refugees. On the issue of immigrants, the candidate supports the legalization of 12 million immigrants currently living in the United States could be linked to the payment of a fine and learning English. The Democratic candidate is in favor of civil union between same sex and abortion.

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